A Bright Flash and Your House is on Fire! Disaster Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

 The day started off as a beautiful Los Angeles, CA, morning with barely a cloud in the sky and lots of sun. As the morning slipped into afternoon, large, ominous storm clouds began developing. Sitting on your back deck you watched the clouds move slowly across the sky and continue to build. While the clear blue sky and sun are fantastic, watching lightning dancing from cloud to cloud has its own beauty. You watch the impending storm approach until the rain forces you to retreat indoors. You start dinner and think about new plans for your evening.

 As dinner is cooking, the lightning flashes are amazingly bright, and the thunder is shaking the house. Before your brain can even register what's happening, there's an intense, blinding flash followed by the loudest crash of thunder you've ever heard in your life! Your eyes are filled with sparkling dots and your ears are ringing like crazy! You stumble over to look out the back door, and where you were sitting on the deck is now in flames, as well as the entire side of the house! You quickly dial 911, and after the first responders finish putting out the blaze and ensure you're unharmed, the fire chief confirms that it was a lightning strike that caused this disaster. Where in Los Angeles, CA, are you going to find a company to help you with disaster restoration?

 ServiceMaster C2C is here for those of you in the Los Angeles, CA, area for all your disaster restoration needs. We can help you with emergency board up to ensure your belongings remain safe while your home is being repaired, and perform the storm damage cleanup required to ensure your yard and home are back to normal as quickly as possible. We can pack out and provide content storage for your belongings if our board up services aren’t enough to keep things safe.

 We’re available to rapidly assist you at all hours of the day or night. For any and all disaster restoration needs in the Los Angeles, CA, area, call ServiceMaster C2C at (877) 468-3566.

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