A Broken Pipe Behind the Shower Means Needed Water Restoration in Los Angeles, CA


It's early morning in your Los Angeles, CA, home. Normally you’re not up this early, but you have a breakfast meeting to get to. You stumble your way into the kitchen, brew an extra strong cup of coffee, then hustle to the bathroom for a hot shower. As you stand under the spray of the showerhead your fog-addled brain registers that the spray isn’t as strong as it normally is, and vaguely think you hear a hissing sound from behind the wall. In the back of your head you reason that it just must mean the showerhead needs to be cleaned again, and the hissing sound is the built-up pressure. You quickly forget about it as you prepare for your busy day and rush out of the house.

 You make your meeting, and the rest of your day goes as expected with other long, boring meetings that could have easily been emails. You finally make it home with the thought of making a quick dinner and just going to bed. You head into the bathroom to wash-up and get out of your work clothes. As you open the door you find that what you thought was just a clogged showerhead was really a broken pipe in the wall behind the shower - a broken pipe that has been spraying and flooding your bathroom the entire day! Your beautiful Los Angeles, CA, bathroom is all but ruined. Where do you turn for water extraction services? How are you going to get your world turned around?

 ServiceMaster C2C stands ready to help the Los Angeles, CA area with any and all water damage restoration needs. We're here for you any time of the day or night and will respond quickly when you call. We understand that watching your things go under water is distressing, so we aim to make the water extraction process as pain-free as possible. Our technicians are highly trained and use all the latest technology and tools to get the water extraction done quickly and correctly. We can help with burst pipe cleanup, flood damage, sewer backup cleanup, and any other water extraction needs you have.

 For your water damage restoration and burst pipe cleanup needs in the Los Angeles, CA area, give ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566.

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