A Fire in the Kitchen Means Fire Damage Clean Up in Lompoc, CA

 You’ve been working doubles for the last month and you’re exhausted. You make your way back to your Lompoc, CA, home and slowly drag yourself into the house. All you really want to do is go to bed, but you know you need to eat. You decide a frozen pizza will be the easiest and make your way into the kitchen, set the oven temp, and in a half-awake zombie-like state you find a pizza in the freezer. After sliding the pizza in the oven you find your way into the living room to your favorite chair. You turn the TV on to help you stay awake, kick your feet up, and wait for your dinner.

 The next thing you know you're jolted awake by the loudly blaring smoke alarm! Smoke is billowing from the kitchen and quickly filling the entire house! In the hazy grasp of confusion and fear you bolt to the kitchen. To your horror your pizza is now a flaming disk inside the oven! You’re really awake now and find the fire extinguisher. You carefully open the oven door, take aim at the blazing, bubbling mass, squeeze the handle, and extinguish the fire. As you stare at the glob that was your dinner, reality smacks you hard in the nose. Your kitchen...no, you entire house smells like charred meat, burnt cheese, and seared pizza sauce. What a mess! Where are you going to find help in Lompoc, CA, to perform fire damage clean up and smoke damage removal?

 ServiceMaster C2C proudly serves the Lompoc, CA, area and offers the best in fire damage restoration services. We'll help with the smoke cleanup process by getting the smoke damage cleanup started quickly to reduce the risk of secondary damage. We can help by removing some of your possessions and storing them off site. This allows us to work on restoring your possessions while we restore and clean your home. Our technicians also have the training and tools to help with odor mitigation to efficiently and thoroughly remove those odors created by the fire.

 For any and all fire damage restoration needs in the Lompoc, CA area, give ServiceMaster C2C a call as soon as possible at (877) 468-3566.

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