An Undetected Leaking Pipe Means Water Damage Restoration in Simi Valley, CA

 It’s a beautiful day in Simi Valley, CA. You've been airing out the house and finishing the spring cleaning that you hadn’t had a chance to get done. Your final chore for the day is cleaning the basement bathroom. This bathroom is used only a handful of times during the year, and because it's tucked in the back corner of the basement and used so infrequently, you sometimes lose track as to the last time it was cleaned.

 As you make your way towards the bathroom and get closer, you notice the floor is becoming increasingly wet and spongy. When you reach the bathroom, you find the entire floor is soaked, and water has begun to wick up the walls for several feet in all directions. As you stare in horror you brain vaguely registers that your son had mentioned that the water pressure was low when he last used the shower in that bathroom. Apparently, the pipe going to the showerhead developed a leak and has been slowly seeping water for who knows how long. Your spring cleaning has been put on hold as you grab a phone book to find a service in the Simi Valley, CA, area that'll help you with your water extraction needs.

 ServiceMaster C2C proudly serves the Simi Valley, CA, area and can help you with all your water damage needs. We understand that seeing the results of a leaking pipe is the last thing any homeowner wants, so we work quickly to repair the damage. We can also help with burst pipe cleanup, flood damage cleanup, water removal, and water damage repair. We’re here to do the work so you don’t have to.

 We use the latest water extraction technology and have technicians that are trained in all the latest techniques to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. For all of your water damage restoration needs in the Simi Valley, CA, area, contact ServiceMaster C2C immediately at (877) 468-3566.

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