Cleaning Up After a Mudslide With Disaster Restoration in Thousand Oaks, CA

The winter months in Thousand Oaks, CA, have been unseasonably rainy and wet. The low-level hill at the edge of your backyard seems to be over-saturated. The forecast for the day is more rain. As you sit in your living room looking out the window gazing at the rain, you hear a loud crash from your kitchen/dining room. You quickly go to investigate and find yourself staring at a large pile of mud. Your little hill has lost its topsoil to a mudslide and now it’s sitting in your house. Not only is there mud everywhere, but it’s also still raining outside, and now it’s raining inside your house too. What a disaster! You need to act fast to save your possessions and reverse the damage, but where in the Thousand Oaks, CA, area can you turn for disaster restoration services?

 At ServiceMaster C2C in Thousand Oaks, CA, we understand that disasters can happen at any time and pride ourselves on being available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our technicians are trained to respond quickly and to get the job done accurately. We offer board up services to keep more damage from happening. We also offer pack out services, by which we will relocate your possessions to one of our off-site content storage locations. By using our pack out services, our technicians will have the time and space to properly clean and restore your possessions while we clean and restore your home.

 Our storm damage cleanup services cover a wide range of storm damage possibilities, from mudslides to flooding. The damage that can occur from a storm can be wide reaching and long lasting if it isn’t cleaned up quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will treat your home as if it’s their own and mitigate any secondary damage. We’ll do the debris cleanup for you so you can concentrate on your family. We will make sure that your home is returned to normal and safe for your family to return.

 If you’re faced with a disaster and are in need of disaster restoration in Thousand Oaks, CA, give us at ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566.

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