Do You Have Residential Fire Damage Restoration Needs in Los Angeles, CA?

It’s a beautiful night in Los Angeles, CA, and the breeze is soft and warm. You had plans to make a wonderful dinner for your family, but the food in the oven got away from you. The next thing you know the kitchen is up in flames and you have a fire extinguisher in your hand. Luckily, your family was there and someone called the fire department. The only damage is in the kitchen, or so you hope. At ServiceMaster C2C, we are here to help you with your fire damage restoration needs.


Fire damage restoration is difficult work that requires an immediate response to ensure that your home can be returned to normal as quickly as possible. This response includes boarding up or tarping the roof to maintain the residence’s security while it’s being cleaned and restored. We also offer off-site storage for all of your possessions as another measure of security.


Not only do we work to clean the area where the fire occurred, but we also offer smoke damage cleanup and deodorization, which can include cleaning clothing and draperies, either through laundering or dry cleaning. We’re trained to clean and clear the smoke and soot quickly and efficiently. While Los Angeles, CA, is drier when it comes to weather, the moisture introduced by the fire hoses while attempting to put out the fire can cause the smoke and soot to turn into a corrosive residue. This residue can then cause secondary damage. We’ll make sure this residue is cleaned quickly to reduce any further damage to your home.


Here at ServiceMaster C2C, we make sure that both you and your adjustor are informed of each step of the process. We believe that there shouldn’t be any more surprises in your fire damage restoration journey and we strive to make sure that there aren’t any. We do everything we can to make this process as easy and painless as possible.


The next time fire strikes, make sure to call us at ServiceMaster C2C in Los Angeles, CA, for your fire damage restoration needs. Call (877) 468-3566 or visit us at

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