Grilling in the Screened-In Porch! Fire Damage Repair in Lompoc, CA

 It’s been a chilly spring in Lompoc, CA. The wind has been blowing and the winter rains just don’t want to end. Since you’re really craving grilled burgers, you’ve spent the better part of the last few hours trying to figure out how to make that a reality. You came up with a bright idea to put the grill inside your screened-in porch. You thought it would be a great idea because the screen will allow the smoke to ventilate, plus you won’t get wet, and you’ll stay fairly warm—what could go wrong? As you set the grill up you realize one of the wheels is missing making the grill less stable, but you’re “inside” so it’ll be fine.

 You get the fire started and are inside making the burgers when you see a huge gust of wind roll through. The trees are bending and swaying and you’re thinking to yourself, “Good thing I’m not out in that.” Suddenly you hear a clatter from the porch. Since it’s screened in, you didn’t think about how the wind can still get through. The giant gust of wind blew over your unstable, one-wheeled grill sending hot charcoal onto the floor and all over the walls. The floor and walls catch fire quickly and you have to think quickly to get the fire out. Where in the Lompoc, CA, area can you find help with fire damage restoration?

 ServiceMaster C2C is here to help with all your fire damage needs in the Lompoc, CA, area. We work quickly to get your home and property back to normal fast. We understand that watching your things go up in smoke is stressful so we work hard to make the fire damage mitigation process stress free. Our technicians are trained in smoke mitigation and odor removal so you won’t be able to tell by sight or smell that anything happened.

 We’re here day or night to take care of your fire damage restoration needs in the Lompoc, CA, area, give ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566.

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