Home Office Fire Safety Tips to Avoid the Need for Fire Damage Restoration in Santa Barbara, CA

Some people enjoy driving to an office building and socializing with coworkers. Others, however, get their joy from sitting in an office at home and working without interruptions. If you’re one of those individuals who prefer working from home, you may not be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. Sure, you can wear your pajamas, but you also have to keep your office clean and functional. Fire safety is a big part of this. How can you keep fires at bay while you earn your living? Don’t worry – the tips below should help you get where you need to be. Should you have any additional questions, or your home has already experienced fire damage, please call the experts at ServiceMaster C2C at (805) 577-1115. 

  • Maintain a Clear Desk

It’s not a good idea to pile papers on your desk. It not only makes it harder to stay organized and keep track of projects and clients, but by keeping excess papers, you also leave yourself vulnerable in the event of a fire. Should a fire start, those files and receipts will act as kindling. Even if you’re busy, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to clear some things away. Also, empty your trashcan as often as possible to limit flammable elements in your home office.

  • Be Responsible With Wires

Don’t overload your circuits. Too many wires can cause a spark, which can quickly turn into a blaze. Check wires for any wear and tear. A damaged wire or extension cord is a huge hazard – throw it away to prevent the need for fire damage cleanup. 

If you do experience a fire, you need to act fast. You can’t just run to the kitchen sink to fetch some water to pour over the problem. You need a functioning fire extinguisher. If you don’t already have one- buy one. While even a small fire will leave damage, you can prevent that small flame from becoming an inferno.

 According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were 1,298,000 fires in 2014. Contact ServiceMaster C2C in Santa Barbara, CA, at (805) 577-1115 for reliable fire damage restoration assistance.

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