Lightning Strikes Too Close! Disaster Restoration Services in Anaheim, CA

The Anaheim, CA, spring has brought with it an abundance of spring thunder storms. The lightning show has been amazing to watch as it dances across the sky and touches the earth. You’re sitting in your living room sipping your tea and settling in for the night watching the show through your picture window. You notice that the storm seems to be getting closer and soon your window is being pummeled by rain. You like these kinds of nights listening to the rain on the roof. There are a couple lightning strikes that seemed extremely close but you don’t think anything of it. 

Suddenly you see a bright flash right in front of your picture window. It was so bright that you’re left seeing stars. After the flash has cleared, you see that the giant tree in your front yard is on fire. Next you hear a crash as the long branch that was on fire breaks away from the tree and crashes into your house, right into your office. Suddenly there is an ear-splitting boom directly over your house as the thunder follows the lightning. The thunder is so loud that it shakes the house and causes some of the windows to break in the dining room. Now you have a tree branch in your office, windows broken in your dining room, and rain finding its way in from the openings that weren’t there minutes before. Where do you turn in the Anaheim, CA, for disaster restoration services?

 ServiceMaster C2C proudly serves the Anaheim, CA, area with all the tools needed to help with your disaster restoration needs. We understand that disasters can be manmade or natural and are here to help you any time of day. We’ll be there as soon as possible and help with board up services to cover the holes and get your property secured. We offer pack out services to get your belongings back to our content storage areas. By getting your belongings to our content storage area, we can start the restoration process on your belongings while we start restoration construction on your property. We will help with the storm damage cleanup to get your lawn back to its normal state too.

 For your disaster restoration needs in the Anaheim, CA, area give us at ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566.


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