The Above Ground Pool Broke! Disaster Restoration in Long Beach, CA

The sun is shining bright on this clear day in Long Beach, CA. You're sitting in your yard watching your teenage son cutting the old branches out of the big tree in the backyard. Normally this would be a job you would do, but you threw your back out and didn’t think climbing into a tree was a good idea. You notice that the branch you son is currently cutting is hanging right over the above ground pool. You yell out, “Watch out for the pool below!” and your son yells back “Don’t worry dad, I’ve got this!” Just as he finishes the sentence the branch falls. There's a loud crash as the branch smashes through the side of the pool, and you watch helplessly as all the water rushes out...and towards the house!

 Your wife insisted on the biggest pool you could afford, so now just shy of 7,000 gallons of water is rushing toward your house. And, as if everything is in slow motion, you realize the basement patio door is wide open, so the water flows easily right into the basement. You sit with your jaw in your lap not knowing what to do. The basement is flooded, and the yard is filled with debris from the pool and plants that were in the way of the tidal wave. Where in Long Beach, CA can you find help with the disaster restoration required for this huge mess?

 ServiceMaster C2C is here to help folks in the Long Beach, CA area with all their disaster restoration needs. We can help you pack out all your belongings to aid in the cleaning and restoration process. We even offer content storage where we can store your belongings once they’re restored while you home is being put back together. We can help with debris cleanup left from storms or, in this case, pool destruction. Our technicians work hard to ensure you're back in your home quickly and everything is a close to normal as possible.

 We’re available 24/7/365 for any and all disaster restoration needs in the Long Beach, CA area. When you need assistance with disaster restoration, give ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566.

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