Tips to Avoid Fireworks Fire Damage in Santa Ana, CA

With the Fourth of July holiday comes the increased risk of fire damage and the need for fire damage restoration, especially for Santa Ana, CA. As winter ends, the summer dry season starts for the Santa Ana, CA area, increasing the possibility of a fire. To add to the natural potential, July 4th celebrations bring additional concerns with fireworks.

 During the days surrounding the Fourth of July, about two fifths of all the fires started are caused by fireworks. While fireworks are certainly an outdoors item, they can easily cause home fire damage. If fireworks are used near dry brush, litter, or simply malfunction, they can start a house fire and cause serious fire damage.

 To avoid the potential for fire damage and the need for fire damage restoration, follow these tips when enjoying your home fireworks show: 

  • Prior to and during the show, keep all unlit fireworks in a cool, dry, safe place away from heat sources that could potentially set them off
  • During the show ensure that the area used to light the fireworks is clear of any debris; i.e. dry grass or sticks
  • Make sure there's a pail of water or sand readily available in case a firework doesn’t work correctly
  • Using something such as an old grill or metal surface that is raised off the ground will help minimize any potential fire risk
  • Once a firework has been lit and is expended, put it in a metal container, such as a grill or barrel, until it cools. That way, if there are any that haven’t completely gone off or possibly reignite, they'll be contained 

Independence Day should be a fun and safe experience for all, and everyone should do their part to reduce the fire damage potential. To help us with fireworks safety, the City of Santa Ana has an excellent flyer available that provides pertinent information regarding the purchase and use of fireworks in Santa Ana.

If fire damage occurs, ServiceMaster C2C is ready to help the Santa Ana, CA area. For any and all fire damage restoration needs in the Santa Ana, CA area, give ServiceMaster C2C a call at (877) 468-3566 immediately.

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