Uncontrollable Sneezing in Santa Maria, CA, Requires Air Duct Cleaning

You’re standing at the kitchen sink cleaning the dishes from dinner. Suddenly, you suffer a sneezing attack; four in a row, that’s a new record, you think to yourself. This has been going on for weeks, but only at home. You’re fine when you leave the house and go to work, but every day when you return home you become a sneezing machine. You’ve also noticed that your kids have been sneezing more too and your oldest has been complaining of shortness of breath. You just can’t figure it out. It’s been a typical December in Santa Maria, CA. There’s been a smattering of rain throughout the month but for the most part it’s been breezy and cool, so it can’t be the weather. You even went so far as to take the kids to the doctor, but they didn’t find anything. What could be the cause?


The Santa Maria, CA, climate can deposit dust, mold, pollen, and debris into your home’s air ducts. All of which can cause the very symptoms described above along with additional allergic reactions. Here at ServiceMaster C2C, we offer air duct cleaning services to help mitigate those symptoms. For our residential cleaning services, we use top of the line technology to ensure that your home is cleaned correctly. Any air that is infested with dust, mold, or pollen is circulated throughout the house, depositing the debris in each room. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible, making it very important to call us for your duct cleaning needs.


We use video equipment that we can run through the ducts to assess how much dirt, pollen, mold, and dust are hiding within. We then use tools that will stir up the dust and debris, allowing us to vacuum everything up easily. We also offer services such as pet odor removal that will purify the air allowing you to breathe easier. Once the ducts are cleaned we repair any broken duct work and ensure that everything is in perfect working order. We work hard to clean every part of your duct work.


It’s important to us at ServiceMaster C2C that the residents of Santa Maria, CA, can all breathe easy. For your residential cleaning and duct cleaning needs, give us a call at (877) 468-3566.

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