What We Cover with Complete Disaster Restoration in Los Angeles County, CA

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Disaster preparedness is something that every household and business should invest in. That preparedness could be something as small as installing smoke detectors in different areas of the building, or it could be as thorough as keeping an emergency kit and escape route planned. Any level of disaster preparation will help protect your family, pets, or employees, but there are many aspects of disaster that we can never plan for. That’s where emergency disaster restoration comes in. At ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration, we provide 24/7/365 emergency services for all kinds of disaster restoration in Los Angeles County, CA and the surrounding communities. Our comprehensive services will restore your building and belongings to pre-loss conditions after any kind of disaster. Not only do our technicians completely reverse disaster damage, we also provide support to families and businesses during the restoration process, and we offer important communication with insurance providers and other third parties involved from start to finish.


There are many different causes of disaster that can impact homes and businesses. From fires and floods to earthquakes and storms, there are some natural disasters that are particularly common in California and the western United States. Almost 10,000 wildfires burned through 4% of California in 2020 alone. Four major earthquakes in 2020 rocked the San Andreas fault line, and many small quakes occurred regularly. Our restoration team works with many customers facing natural disasters to return their home or business to pristine conditions quickly and efficiently.


In addition to natural disasters, there are man-made issues that can cause damage to buildings and create unsafe environments. In extreme cases, man-made disasters can come in the form of terrorist attacks and the growing instances of mass shootings. Other causes of man-made disaster could come from riots, car accidents, and arson.


Whatever the cause of the disaster, natural or man-made, our team of expert emergency restoration technicians and service staff can completely reverse the damage caused and work seamlessly with your insurance providers to make the process as stress-free as possible for your family or your own staff.


Natural Disasters


In Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties, these are some of the more common disasters that our restoration services treat:


  1. Earthquakes: Because this area spans over the San Andreas fault line (there are more than 500 active fault lines running throughout California), there are about 10,000 earthquakes annually in the state. While most of those quakes are minor, there are still many times when even lower magnitude tremors cause building damage. If your building was damaged in a minor earthquake, our team can certainly provide restoration services no matter how small a fix you need. However, our emergency services are more often put to use after earthquakes of 3.0 magnitude and higher. Even the lower rate of large-scale earthquakes in the LA County region is less than desirable. We see several hundred quakes of 3.0 to 4.0 magnitude, and 15 to 20 of magnitude higher than 4.0 annually. This can mean a significant amount of damage from earthquakes in many parts of Southern California. If you’ve experienced earthquake damage, our technicians can provide comprehensive restoration and reconstruction for minimal to severe impacts on your home or business.


  1. Fires: Like earthquakes, wildfires are another huge issue in Southern California. There are hundreds of fires each year, and while some are kept under control thanks to the hard work of the LA County Fire Department and other wildfire fighters, many will spread and cause massive building damage. Although there are emergency preparedness measures you can take to protect your home from fire to a degree, all you can do when those protections fail is get to safety. Fortunately, if you are facing fire damage, our disaster restoration expertise can restore your building with soot and smoke removal, refabrication services, and water damage mitigation to remediate existing and future damages created by the water used to extinguish the flames.


  1. Floods: LA County is a semi-desert region with widely ranging topography like canyons, ravines, mountains, and basins. Because of this, it can be prone to flash flooding and severe slow-rising floods when rain is dumped in large quantities quickly. Whenever thunderstorms and other rainstorms occur, communities face potential floods as that water accumulates in dry river beds. Not only does this mean significant water damage, it also could cause structural building damage as flash floods roar through and biohazard damage from toxic waters. Sewage, bacteria, viruses, parasites, dead animals, and many other biohazards can be carried in flood waters. It’s incredibly important to get to a safe place out of flood water if your building is exposed. If you are exposed to flood waters, seeking medical attention as soon as possible is a good idea. One other very dangerous part of flooding, especially in regions that are usually dry, is mudslides. Mudslides can move up to 20 miles-per-hour with heavy debris. They are very likely to cause significant property damage and pose personal safety risks. Whether your home or building has been damaged by flash floods, mudslides, or other water damage, our team can restore exteriors, structural integrities, indoor spaces, and belongings.


  1. Storms: With its coastal proximity, LA, Ventura, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties are frequently exposed to ocean storms, thunderstorms, lightning, tsunami waves, and hurricanes. In 1938, one of the worst floods in Southern California history was caused by two Pacific storms that dropped a full year’s worth of rain in just under one month. The storm’s flooding damaged 5,601 homes and 1,500 other properties in about 108,000 acres. More recently, the LA county flood of 2005, which was also caused by excess rainfall, damaged $300 million worth of properties. Not only do storms and increased precipitation often cause flood damage, they also carry high winds and lightning strikes that cause other types of building damage. Trees and powerlines can be downed, objects can fly, and lightning can start fires or simply leave severe strike damage. When your building is damaged from any kind of storm, our emergency team can perform water, fire, or other kinds of damage remediation.


Earthquakes, fires, floods, and storms are just four of the primary natural disasters we provide restoration services for. Some less frequent disasters we offer emergency restoration services for include the effects of El Niño, extreme heat waves, snowfall, ashfall, and more.


Man-Made Disasters


Despite the fact that there are absolutely serious man-made disasters that take place in the U.S. every year, many people might actually be more prepared for a natural disaster than one caused by people. This might be partly because man-made disasters are more difficult to predict and partly because it’s hard to know how to prepare. There are many causes of man-made disasters, and the full picture is often very complex. Some of the man-made disasters we’ve handled restoration and cleanup for include:


  1. Terrorist attacks: Unfortunately, domestic terrorist attacks and hate crimes have been a growing concern in the past few years. Mass shootings, bombs, arson, and terrorist action perpetrated with malicious intent to do harm are almost always serious causes of building damage. The LAPD and FBI can’t always stop these crimes, and when they are committed and homes or other buildings are damaged, ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is equipped to handle the cleanup. Restoration services like ours are a critical resource for when large areas with many kinds of buildings might be damaged. If a bomb goes off or a mass shooting occurs, it’s important to have a restoration company that will work with police, forensics, building owners, insurance providers, and municipalities all at once. When about 10,000 supporters of Donald Trump committed an unprecedented act of domestic terrorism in their attack of the capitol on January 6th, 2021, significant damage to the historic building was done. Those damages were eventually remedied with the help of a professional restoration company like ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration. Not only do we have the equipment, trained technicians, certifications, and experience to handle the restoration of buildings damaged in a terrorist attack, we are able to make the recovery process as safe and quick as possible.


There are some public resources for citizens to learn about the county’s operational plans for terrorist attacks and how individuals can prepare for a potential terrorist disaster. Additionally, the LAFD and city can provide public direction in the event of a terrorist attack.


  1. Car accidents: While most car accidents are relegated to the road, there have been many incidences of building damage from out-of-control vehicles, objects flying from vehicles, and flames spread from accident-related fires. In a region as traffic-heavy and densely populated as Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and Santa Barbara counties, there are frequent reports of car crashes that damage buildings. Any car accident that damages a building will, at least, compromise the structural integrity of the area the car or debris hit and, at the most, spark a fire or explosion that causes serious danger and damage. If your building is in the unfortunate path of a car crash, our technicians can provide fire and water damage restoration, reconstruction, and complete recovery of building safety.


  1. Riots: During times of political unrest, riots can cause serious property damage. When the Rodney King Riots ended after five days of anger in 1992, more than 1,000 buildings were severely damaged. There may be times when that amount of anger at injustice will happen again, and if it does, you can rely on our services for recovery from building damage. In many cases, smaller instances of riot-like behavior, such as large parties, music festivals, or celebrations around sporting events, can result in building damage. The fact is that when large groups of people convene, there is always the risk that the energy of the crowd will boil over into violence. Buildings in proximity to that violence will be in danger of being harmed. If your building is facing post-riot damages, our restoration team can quickly rebuild and help you recover as fast as possible.



If you’re facing the aftermath of any disaster, we can help. For more information about disaster restoration in Los Angeles County, CA, contact ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration today at info@svmbyc2crestoration.com or at our fast response LA line: (323) 851-5543. For emergencies, contact us at (877) 468-3566.

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