COVID Cleaning & Decontamination in Los Angeles, CA, San Diego County & Orange County

Living in the midst of a pandemic and navigating a post-pandemic world are new ventures for individuals all across Los Angeles, CA and the country at large. With the virus comes risk for infection and spread in unexpected and otherwise innocuous seeming areas. This is especially true for business owners trying to navigate a post-COVID professional landscape. ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is dedicated to preserving a safe environment for you, your employees, your visitors, or even your home with our thorough COVID cleaning and disinfection services.

How We Can Help


Keeping your office, storefront, facilities, factories, and your community safe from COVID-19 is a practically herculean effort for business owners with limited resources. A constant need for surface cleaning and disinfection services is straining limited personnel and overwhelming janitorial staff across the country. Our COVID cleaning professionals are dedicated to lightening the load for you and your staff by providing high-quality, highly-effective disinfection services for your place of work.


If you’ve been out in the workforce during COVID-19 or are a person with particular vulnerabilities, it’s possible for COVID cleaning to become necessary at home. This may be needed to prevent transmission after a visit with an individual who may have had COVID contact, or it might be following restoration efforts at home after a disaster. Regardless of the root cause, our disinfection service professionals can provide comprehensive virus-conscious home cleaning to any and all impacted areas.

Health Care:

Perhaps one of the most high-risk locations for COVID-19 spread, healthcare facilities need more disinfecting than ever. From hospitals to nursing homes, it’s essential to maintain a pristine level of cleanliness in patient rooms and common areas alike. Our COVID cleaning teams understand the importance and gravity of detail-oriented and thorough work and provide surface and deep cleaning to any areas that may be affecting patient risk. All of our cleaning processes are CDC approved and our methods are updated with any new health department information. We stay on top of changes and employ new technology whenever it becomes available in order to ensure you’re getting the best care possible.


Our Services

All of our disinfection services put safety first and are careful to clean all surfaces completely. We provide one-time post-outbreak cleaning, regular preventative COVID cleaning, large-scale fogging and disinfecting, and reopening cleaning and preparation. No matter the size or shape of your facility, our disinfecting professionals are prepared to support you and your staff.

Our Technology

Thanks to a wide breadth of global cleaning experience, our disinfecting services employ state-of-the-art wide-scale cleaning technology to ensure that all traces of the virus are fully eliminated.


For large facilities with high-need disinfecting services, we employ disinfecting fogging that covers over 10,000 square feet at a time. This is an excellent option for areas with significant scale or for disinfecting jobs that need to be completed quickly. Fogging works by distributing the disinfectant via extremely small particles that are evenly applied within a contained location. Our disinfection service technicians visit your space and carefully release the fog in a safe and environmentally conscious way. 

Hand Cleaning

For jobs that require a more personal touch, our COVID cleaning team also provides hands-on surface cleaning and deep cleaning by hand. This technique is perfect for smaller spaces, homes, and businesses looking for careful attention and comprehensive disinfecting.

Prevention COVID Cleaning

At a busy facility or business, it can be easy to lose track of your cleaning in a normal year. But now more than ever, those cleaning routines cannot be ignored. In the midst of overwhelming workloads and shifting customer expectations it’s essential to stay on top of preventative cleaning and spread-prevention in general.

The best method of maintaining a COVID-free workplace is implementing proper prevention strategies. One such strategy means prioritizing specialized janitorial services that are geared towards preventing rather than reacting. Getting ahead of COVID-19 means taking steps to regularly make the surfaces in your building an unfriendly environment for germs and bacteria.

Effective prevention cleaning is done on a set schedule and with careful attention to detail. All of our prevention cleaning services adhere to the health department and CDC recommendations and guidelines to ensure you’re getting the most up-to-date service possible. This may include hands-on cleaning or large-scale fogging, depending upon your facility’s need.

Unlike standard janitorial teams, our specialized COVID cleaning team is expertly trained to eliminate any residual risks during and after cleaning. Our background in complex biohazard cleaning requirements gives us the tools and experience we need to support your COVID-19 prevention plan.

Post-Outbreak COVID Cleaning

If you aren’t prioritizing your cleaning it’s possible that a single outbreak could become multiple cases. With the fast spread of the virus, your entire location could be faced with significant illness and personnel shortages in a matter of days.

If you’ve experienced a rise in cases or an outbreak at your place of business you may be in need of disinfecting intervention. Our COVID cleaning team can provide emergency 24/7 outbreak COVID cleaning to your home, healthcare facility, or workplace. Our on-call disinfection services are available when you need them so we can help you re-open your doors faster.

All of our cleaning personnel follow stringent hygiene protocols and employ state-of-the-art cleaning techniques to ensure your location can be considered COVID-free after cleaning. In order to prevent long-term business interruption or closures we work quickly and thoroughly to restore a safe environment.

Cleaning for Reopening Locations

Some businesses and facilities may be interested in taking the required steps to safely reopen but aren’t sure where to begin. Our COVID cleaning professionals are eager to help you take the necessary steps toward getting your business back up and running and your facility open to limited guests.

For locations looking to reopen after a brief or extended closure, ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is here to help. We cater our reopening plan to your price, timeline, and location’s individual needs. Depending on the size and complexity of your location we can provide comprehensive fogging and disinfectant misting as well as hands-on deep cleaning.

Every surface and item at your location will be cleaned and carefully disinfected. This includes large items such as desks and counters as well as small, common contact areas like doorknobs, phones, and appliances. Any residual or uncleaned space may become a vector for the spread of the virus. To help prevent this we carefully apply disinfectants and follow up with secondary cleaning when necessary.

All of our COVID cleaning professionals are trained to follow local, state, and federal guidance regarding reopening procedures and take any steps necessary to prepare your facility for reentry. Our cleaning experts are standing by to talk with you or your representatives to discuss cleaning options, payment models, and timelines when you call today.

Reach Out Today

If your home, healthcare facility, or place of business has been impacted by COVID-19, our disinfecting experts are trained to provide comprehensive cleaning and support. For Los Angeles, CA residents, managers, and business owners, ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is available and waiting for your call. Contact us today at (877) 468-3566 or visit our website here for more information on our COVID cleaning options!

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