Emergency Pack-Out Company in Los Angeles CA, San Diego County & Orange County

ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is proud to provide Los Angeles, CA locals state-of-the-art pack-out services that include contents inventory, packing up items, wrapping, labeling, safe storage, and more. As a comprehensive pack-out company, we take every step of recovery into account and prepare your items for a complete restoration.

Who We Serve

ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is fully certified by ServiceMaster Restore for pack-out services and content cleaning. This means that we are trained to support both residential and commercial losses throughout the course of their complete recoveries.

For homeowners

You can expect to work alongside compassionate and detail-oriented restoration professionals who will treat your personal belongings with care. All of our pack out representatives prioritize protecting your family’s belongings and keeping them secure while restoration takes place.

For Business Owners

All of our pack-out services are highly professional and meticulously organized to ensure that your goods, equipment, and inventory are secure while repairs take place. Our restoration professionals also excel in specialized repairs which means we can help you get your machinery and industry-specific tools back in action quickly.

How it Works

Following a disaster, your home or business may require pack-out services before the restoration process can begin. Our pack-out company can assist with the coordination of item packing, protection, storage, and restoration. This means that our restoration experts are by your side from the moment after disaster occurs until your property is fully restored.

The pack-out process itself involves wrapping and padding, organization, and eventually transport to a secure facility. All of this is coordinated and completed with your approval, but without having to waste time and energy on organizing the process on your own. Removing items from the damaged location allows our restoration teams to work freely and quickly without the potential for unexpected delays or damaged goods. It also helps protect family heirlooms such as furniture and decor.

Once items are packed and stored safely the next stage of restoration can begin. If items were damaged in the initial disaster, our recovery experts can begin the repair process immediately. Depending upon the type of damage in question this may include facility and content deodorization, furniture refinishing, furniture repair, reupholstering, electronic services and inspections, upholstery cleaning, carpet and area rug shampooing, on-location content cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning, total loss inventory, and more.


The inventory stage is an often-overlooked aspect of pack-out services that should never be underestimated. Without effective inventory practices, it’s possible that items and goods can go missing, become damaged in transit, or experience damage upon reaching their destination. Our automated inventory protocols help tell us exactly what condition your goods are in upon arrival and allows you to follow their progress and keep tabs on their status while restoration takes place.

As pack-out services are carried out, larger items that do not fit inside boxes are inventoried separately, small items are carefully recorded and accounted for, and all damage is documented to ensure they return in pre-loss condition, if possible. We employ a variety of strategies that preserve undamaged items and protect damaged goods until they can be restored.

With our automated cloud-based comprehensive record keeping program you never have to worry about losing any of your belongings during a disaster recovery scenario. Our pack-out company professionals do a thorough job to ensure that your possessions are accounted for and properly documented.

Furniture and Item Restoration

If your residence or commercial property is damaged by a fire, flood, or other disaster, many of your possessions may also be affected. Our team of restoration specialists will try to clean and salvage as many items as possible to prevent unnecessary replacements and to preserve family belongings. Our ultimate goal during furniture and item restoration is to restore all of your contents to their pre-loss condition.

Our Furniture Restoration Services Division offers furniture repair, reupholstering, and furniture refinishing to restore your home or office furnishings. Items that must be removed from your premises are transported to our facility for cleaning and complete damage restoration. For non-furniture items we also provide careful cleaning and restoration options. 

If an object is beyond repair, it may be considered a total loss and handed off to the insurance company for disposition. In the event of large-scale total losses, our pack-out company experts can help coordinate and execute disposal. No matter how severe the damage is or how significant the losses, we can help you make a plan and move forward.

Our Facilities

Once items are removed from the scene of the disaster you may find yourself feeling anxious about where they are or how they’re kept. When your items are packed out with ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration, you can rest easy knowing that they’re being kept at our modern, high-quality storage locations. All of our facilities are:

  • Safe and Secure

We prioritize the safety of your items during their time in storage. Only approved personnel have access to the storage locations and all sites are locked down and protected. Without having to worry about lost items or theft you can make recovery timelines knowing full well that we’ll help you stick to them.

  • Fully Insured

In the event of a natural disaster or some form of unavoidable damage, all of our facilities are fully insured to provide peace of mind and total compensation. Our prioritization of security extends to encompass anything foreseeable or unforeseeable. With the unpredictable nature of the world, we strive to have a plan in place for when the unimaginable actually happens.

  • Climate-Controlled

Items that are kept in poorly regulated, overheated, or damp spaces can be left with further damage or unpleasant odors. This can lead to mildew, mold, rot, or even melting in excess heat. In order to mitigate these risks all of our storage facilities are climate-controlled to help your belongings stay fresh and safe, regardless of the weather outside.

  • Easy to Access

When it’s time to get back to business, we streamline the pickup and delivery process so you can get back on track faster. After restoration is complete our facilities work together with our in-house delivery professionals to get your items back home or back to the office without delay.

A Return to Normal with a Professional Pack-Out Company

Preventing business interruption and speeding up the recovery of your home and your goods is our utmost priority at every step of pack out and restoration. Losing access to your specialty equipment or your catered inventory can set business back significantly. In order to prevent revenue loss, we work hard to restore everything to its pre-loss condition on a business-conscious timeline. We extend the same work ethic to homeowners dealing with loss as well and always aim to get you back home faster.

We understand that the restoration process is incredibly stressful, and in some cases, traumatic. In order to best facilitate a return to normalcy our teams dedicate their time and expertise to your individual disaster scenario. When you need a pack-out company that supports you, ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration is here to help.

For Los Angeles, CA residents in need of pack-out services, furniture restoration, storage, or any other form of disaster restoration, our team is waiting for your call. ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration’s representatives can be reached 24/7/365 at (877) 468-3566, or you can find out more about our services on our website here.

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