Residential Air Duct Cleaning in Los Angeles County

Also Serving Orange & San Diego Counties

If you need air duct cleaning, call ServiceMaster Recovery by C2C Restoration. Along with our normal damage restoration services, we also provide residential and commercial air duct cleaning. Air infested with dust and debris gets circulated through ducts and can cause sneezing, allergic reactions, and shortness of breath.

Our specialists use video equipment to survey the problem, with tools that simultaneously stir up dust and then vacuum it. We can purify the air if necessary, then reconnect and repair any air ducts to leave everything in perfect working condition.

Get your ducts cleaned to ensure the health of everyone in your home or building. This is a quick process, but one that is well worth the time and money. Talk to a representative to answer any questions you may have about this process.

Residential Air Systems Cleaning

Air ducts get filled with dust, mold, pollen, and debris that can a myriad of health problems. The air duct systems circulate them around the house, so they spread from room to room. This is especially bad for the elderly and children.

Our residential air duct cleaning services can inspect your ducts with video equipment to assess the damage, and then use special equipment like vacuums and air filtration devices to clean and purify.

Protect Your Employees’ Health: Commercial Services

Commercial air duct cleaning is one of the services we offer to businesses. When a company needs their air ducts cleaned, we take precautions to ensure safety. Assessing the situation is our first step to guarantee the safety of everyone in the building. We also meet all environmental and safety guidelines.

In addition, we offer competitive pricing to earn your bid and promise quick results. If we have to evacuate the building before starting work, we know that finishing the job in a timely manner should be a top priority. Otherwise, minimal disturbance is our goal, so your business can proceed as normal.

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